About Us

The Waikato Poultry & Pigeon Club (WPPC) was established in 1902 and has been fostering the fancy ever since. The club welcomes all kinds of poultry and pigeon enthusiasts, from serious breeders and exhibitors to backyard hobbyists. The club’s annual show is a highlight event of the year, showcasing purebred poultry, waterfowl, and pigeons. In addition to the annual show, the club hosts sales throughout the year, exhibits at the Waikato A&P show, and members of the committee are available for educational talks.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the WPPC please get in touch via our Contact Us page

Club Officials

Life members Mark Champion, Andrew Giltrap, Ray Hooker, Bruce Macdonald, Colin Oram, Fiona Taylor and Dave Watson

Patron                                    Bryan Clausen

President                                 Fiona Taylor          

Vice President                        George Tod          

Club Secretary                        Kathleen Bayliss   

Treasurer                                 Ray Hooker          

Show Manager                        Mark Champion

Show Secretary
                       Keith Smart